Message from the Founder and CEO

As of increasing attention on minerals, numbers of products with reasonable prices has been developed. However, the quality of products are differ significantly between the products manufactured with “the focus on minerals and natural elements” and the products “just containing minerals”. The cosmetics are directly applied to skin. The skin will respond spontaneously against the unusual factors. Once we apply the products which make the skin under pressures, the risks might be increased for our skin’s early aging or minor wrinkles. When the minors wrinkles appear, we can not change it easily like changing clothes.
When I was a university student, my major is chemistry. That’s my strength and professional field. I had allergy experienced by chemical factors. I deeply realized the chemical burden will cause the serious injuries and prices for our skins. Therefore, the productions research and development period,we are paying scrupulous attentions to the quality of the ingredients and percentage of elements. None of pressures for our skins.
All of the ladies will be satisfied completely by applying our cosmetic. Ladies will look fantastic and attractive.Relief the skins from injured. We are towarding our brand goal, consisting with more research and development. Sincerely hope by applying MiMC, our individual consumers will enjoy theirs skins are shiner. Passionate of our products.


Corporate Info

Company Name: MiMC Co., Ltd
Street Address: 2-13-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0035, Japan