Beauty Bio Fighter Princess Care

JPY5,000 (Tax excluded)

Product Information

It is a concentrated serum for intensive skin care which we put beauty component at the maximum limit. It is good for serious skin problems.

Our skin gets so much damages caused by variety of stresses such as UV, dry and air pollution. We have suggested daytime skin care is most important as it is the worst time for the skin to be damaged. That is why we made this morning focus serum, beauty bio fighter, to prepare your skin in the morning to fight with those damages in a day time.

– Intensive Skin Care (red color) –
For your skin troubles, we have put maximum amount of plant and beauty essence to it. As of the highest essence amount, this serum has slurry texture. When you apply, your skin will absorb the serum. It is not just a serum but can be called as beauty water for all the women’s who has a skin problems. Recommend to use 1 container for a month.