Beauty Bio Fighter Pure Fruity

JPY3,700 (Tax excluded)

Product Information

It is deep moisturizing serum like a rich smoothie. Not just recovering from night time damage, it will prepare your skin for the day time.

Our skin gets so much damages caused by variety of stresses such as UV, dry and air pollution. We have suggested daytime skin care is most important as it is the worst time for the skin to be damaged. That is why we made this morning focus serum, beauty bio fighter, to prepare your skin in the morning to fight with those damages in a day time.

– Deep Moisturizing (yellow color) –
It has a moisture rich texture with varieties of natural essences such as fruit, fermentation and herbs. It has no oil as we take natural skin oil in consideration and empower your skin. It will make a base to fight the skin problems. Recommend to use 1 container for a month.