Mineral Essence Moist UV

JPY5,800 (Tax excluded)

Product Information

5 in 1 pressed type BB foundation (Beauty Serum + Make up base + Foundation + Finish Powder + UV care)

Pressed type BB foundation made of mineral powder consolidated with plan serum. With powerful plant essence & oil and carefully selected natural minerals, this essence moist foundation is highly effective on skin care.

One of the feature of mineral essence moist is high level makeup function to make your skin look beautiful and the function to keep your skin beautiful.
With 5 functions (Beauty Serum + Make up base + Foundation + Finish Powder + UV care) in just 1 product, after conditioning your skin with lotion, all you need to do is apply this foundation lightly on your skin and you are set to go.

美容液 メイクアップベース ファンデーション フィニッシュパウダー UVカット(SPF40 PA+++)

It also has double moisture retention (moisturizing and sealing function) to anti-age your skin.
Not just moisturizing your skin, it also aims to seal the given moisture to protect your skin all day along. This is why your skin keeps the moisture while you are applying this foundation for a long time.

The foundation minerals resolve the three major base skin care problems which are pore, shine and somberness.
With our continuous effort on researching, the perfect combination and complicated composition of selected minerals makes your skin looks more than your bare skin while caring your problem area amazingly. For example, we use white clear maica for the mineral, which is only available in a few location and keep your skin not to lose the sense of transparency throughout the day.

It has ease of removing the application with soap only. It is not necessary to have cleansing.
We are passionate about ease of use and the effect on skin. Our foundation is perfect for people who prefer the bare skin taste, short-time makeup, reapplying on the go and daily moisturizing.