Natural Aging-care
Mineral Powder Sunscreen

JPY6,300 (Tax excluded)

Product Information

Aging-care UV powder improves the firmness and brightness with Vitamin P. It is MiMC’s most popular and one of the best selling item.

It is multifunctional yet easy to use nouvelle sunscreen powder. Having minerals, the sunscreen blocks the UV while not damaging your skin. Finish of makeup is also nice and beautiful, and recoating is also easy to do. SPF50 PA++++ strongly block the ultraviolet A ray which go deep into your skin and bring you many skin problems such as fleck, wrinke wrinkle, slack, etc.
This powder will moisture your skin which tends to dry by the UV and air-conditioning by the minerals covered by the lycopene extracted from tomato fruit, the polyphenol contained within european raspberry orange, and the plant serum for aging-care extracted from olive, inca-peanut, etc.
It can be applied on the makeup and many times. It is also good for your finish powder when make up and recoating on the go. If you prefer light foundation or no foundation, you may use only this powder. When you take it off, you can simply use the soap which is less harmful to your skin.