Mineral & Luxury

MiMC original thought is “taking care of your skin by makeup.” If the make up ingredients contents is good enough to make consumers got better skin. That is why are brand name stand for. Every single products is from nature ingredients. Using mineral and pure nature plants for grooming skin products. Therefore, models and actress will be found in our products.

Organic & Natural Make up

  • Nature minerals

    Applying the minerals makeup, will let ladies skin more beautiful if you continue applying it. Nature Ingredients(not using the oil-based pigments. )

  • Natural ingredients from plants

    By using effective powerful nature plant extract and vegetable oil production, cold pressing method without side effect for nutrition of vitamins matters. Almost all of our products, are only combined from natural minerals and natural plants.

  • No addictive

    We are very careful to choose what we add, we also avoid to add on unnecessary ingredients. It’s only made by essential parts and good for skins. NO SPF absorbed. No patrols ingredients. None of the chemicals or preservatives that can irritate skin. No animal tests.

  • Washable by cleaner.

    No need makeup remover. General face washing will be cleaned.

Top makeup producer

Being MIMC make up creative producer, MICHIRU is MiMC producer of make up artist.
MiMC products are the popular for trend for top make-up artist, to color, qualities, the smoothie texture of skin, the whole impression once we done with the whole make-up. The perform is done by the professional standards functions, repeating experiments resulted.
MICHIRU is refinements textures, it’s creating fashion and popular trend. At the same time our consumers will be charming by applying MIMC products.

“Natural” x “Science”

According to each product’s functions, it’s based on each part of skin structures, with exclusive selective powerful natural ingredients. We are using the latest new formula, created the unique function by makeup effectiveness, different colorful affects, the quality and the products can senses of our skins.

What MiMC want to achieve the nature, we try to use most of nature’s elements, without any artificial, the concept is based on “whole food”. It’s processed by pressing. Therefore, it’s completely kept the concentration of plants. Comparing with other natural cosmetic brand names, MiMC always filters the latest and the finest ingredients, we avoid unnecessary artificial elements for our skins.

Made in Japan

All of the productions of MiMC, it’s only made by the highest quality of Japanese proceed. Besides it also add selective elements and high quality ingredients. It made the perfection of color blossom after we applied the make-up. It is representative of High nature qualifications Japanese brand name.

Under Top Japanese cosmetic artist oversees production line, it made MiMC becomes unique natural cosmetic, more further is shown “New Arrival Fashionable Colors”.
“Professional Effects impacted”, “Asian Female’s Stylish”, …etc, is our biggest
Strength compared with our competitors.